18th Century

There was a wide variety of theatres in the 18th century varying from theatres with box seating [Palais Royal Opera House in Paris and the Margravina's Opera House in Bayreuth) to theatres with galleries (Cesky Krumlov Court Theatre) to theatres built in ballrooms (Mnichovo Hradiste). Two types from the Czech Republic are shown here. The Court Theatre at Cesky Krumlov In May 1999 my wife and I were able to visit at the court theatre Cesky Krumlov in the Czech Republic. We spent about a week...
Traps and Elevators at Cesky Krumlov The stage floor is extensively trapped. There are two types of trap opening techniques: hinged traps opening upward (located in line with the wings and sliding traps (located between the sets of wings). Opening Traps There are also four elevators to raise objects or performers up through the stage floor. Three traps are located stageleft and is located stageright under the sliding traps. The traps platforms ride in vertical grooves. Two counterweights are...

the development of scenice spectacle


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