Sabastiano Serlio

Published Sources

Libro d'Architettura, Il Primo (Secondo), Paris 1545. Translation by Allardyce Nicoll is published in The Renaissance Stage (ed. Barnard Hewitt)


  • Show fire by soaking it with aqua vita and lighting it
  • Use of a strip of wood in a groove pulled across the stage to show miniature cutouts of people
  • A cutout of a planet pulled across the background on a wire
  • Thunder created by rolling a ball across the floor above the hall
  • Lightning is created by raising a box of resin which has a candle passing through it
  • Thunderbolt is created by a rocket on a wire

Serlio worked as an architect in Italy and France. It was in France that he wrote Book II of his Architettura which includes a description of a temporary theatre in a noble's great hall. Although he did not use changeable scenery, he did describe the techniques used to create some spectacular effects

the development of scenice spectacle


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