Josef Furttenbach. Mannhaffter Kunstspiegel

Published Sources

[Noble Mirror of Art], Augsburg, 1663. Translation by George Kernodle is published in The Renaissance Stage (ed. Barnard Hewitt)

  • Comments
    • Simple trap cover / elevator using ropes passing through holes and operated by windlass
    • Lightning created by throwing Greek pitch through a flame
    • The use of a thunder run
    • Wind created by swinging a thin board on a cord
    • Night created by moving covers over the lights
    • Rain (perfumed water) and hail (sugar balls) dripped or dropped on the audience
    • Fiery bush created by opening an umbrella painted with flame
    • Oil lamps
  • Drawings
    • First Ground Plan: Stage and Auditorium [double periactoi in "closed" position]
    • Second Ground Plan: Stage and Auditorium [double periactoi in "open" position]
    • The First Scene [double periactoi in "closed" position]
    • The Second Scene [double periactoi in "open" position]
    • The First Cloud [suspended by winch]
    • The Second Cloud [lever]
    • The Third Cloud [swing]
    • The Glory Box
    • The Cover Of The Glory Box
    • The Completed Glory
    • Machines For Bringing Objects Up From The Ground As Well As For Letting Objects Down From The Sky [Jonah's Gourd Vine]
    • Four Different Methods of Lighting
    • Oil Lamps
    • Mica Reflector
    • The Leaning Light
    • The Standing Light Box
    • Four Machines For Various Waves
    • Still Waves
    • A Sliding Wave
    • Violent Waves
    • Upstanding Waves
    • How To Make A Whale
    • How To Make A Ship

the development of scenice spectacle


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