Biblioteca Oliveriani, Pesaro


Oliveriani MS 312

  • #46 Flying background machine
  • #47 Flying cloud machine
  • #48 Flying chariot machine
  • #49 Flying performer and shell chariot machines
  • #50 Horizontal movement machine
  • inside back cover - various sketches

MS 312

This manuscript is a bound volume entitled "Machine da Teatri Di Nicola Sabatini da Pesaro." It contains notes about Greek mythology and color, in addition to several drawings of scenes and machines. The machinery drawings are similar to some included in Sabbattini's Pratica. The major difference seems to be the use of bearings to reduce friction for some of the machines shown in the manuscript drawings and the more pictorial style of drawing..

The manuscript drawings are included in an edition of Sabbattini's Pratica edited by Elena Povoledo. A microfilm copy of the manuscript is available at The Ohio State University's Lawrence and Lee Theatre Research Institute [McDowell Archive Film 2653.]

the development of scenice spectacle


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