Archivio di Stato, Parma


Mappe e Disegni, Vol. 4

  • #3 expanding machine
  • #4 cloud frame with winch and graduated shaft
  • #5 umbrella machine closed
  • #6 umbrella machine open
  • #7 Venus machine winches
  • #8 flying frame in raised and lowered positions
  • #9 flying frames for 54 performers
  • #10 display
  • #11 display of the machine in #9 in lowered position
  • #12 display for machine in #9 in raised position
  • #13 "anconini" machine
  • #14 "anconini" machine as star
  • #15 flying stairs

Collection of plans and sections of the Teatro Farnese and drawings illustrating a variety of theatrical machinery, perhaps for the 1628 production of Mercure e Marte, the opening production at the Teatro Farnese, Parma. A microfilm copy of the manuscript is available at The Ohio State University's Lawrence and Lee Theatre Research Institute [McDowell Archive Film 2404,]

The machines shown in several drawings in this manuscript are also included in MS 3708 in the Biblioteca Palatina, Parma. The drawings styles of the two sets of drawings are very different.

Some drawings from this manuscript have been published in a variety of sources. Some of the drawings are reproduced in Thomas Ault's "Baroque Stage Machines for Venus and Mars from the Archivio di Stato, Parma."

the development of scenice spectacle


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