Archives Nationales, Paris

  • vol. 01.3238
    • 1-090 articulated hell mouth with winch
    • 1-091 similar to 1-091
    • 1-092 (?) chariot with winch and stagehand
    • 1-093 double cloud frame
    • 1-099 chariot and framework
  • vol. 01.3839
    • 1-091 snail transforms into man
    • 1-217 flying framework
  • vol. 01.3840
    • 1-248 wing changing machine
    • 1-249 fire demons
  • vol. 01.3241
    • 2-069 three cloud machines
    • 2-108 performer operated monster on chariot
    • 2-149 fountains
    • 2-206 figure standing on hellmouth display
    • 2-239 cloud machine sketches
    • 2-248 fountain machine
    • 2-352 articulated monster on floor
    • 2-383 plan with tracks
    • 2-419 Apollo chariot and frame
    • 2-440 suspended cloud frame & shaft
    • 2-441 telescoping urn & bush
    • 2-243 fan cloud
    • 2-248 view & section of upper inner stage

Vol. 01.3238-42

This is a collection of theatrical drawings entitled "Receuil de Decorations de Theatre Receuillies par Monsieur Levesque garde General des Magasins plaisirs de la chambre du ROY, Tom. I, Paris, 1752." The manuscript consists of five volumes of drawings of scenes and machines bound together in 1752. A microfilm copy of the manuscript is available at The Ohio State University's Lawrence and Lee Theatre Research Institute [McDowell Archive Film 2634*,]

Since the original manuscript is very fragile, the Archives nationales restricts the use of the original manuscript. A microfilm copy is available for perusal at the library. Interestingly, there are differences between the OSU microfilm photographed in 1970 or 1971 and the microfilm available for use at the Archives nationales, which was photographed in 1991. Nineteen drawings included in the OSU microfilm are not on the Archives nationales microfilm and eleven drawings on the Archives nationales microfilm are not on the OSU microfilm. The Archives nationales microfilm notes that two drawings disappeared from the collection in 1920 and in 1922.

A few of the drawings from this manuscript have been published in a variety of sources.

Some of the drawings in this manuscript are also shown in a manuscript in the Nationalmuseum in Stockholm. The Nationalmuseum drawings are probably copies since they omit the notations (in French) on the Archives nationales drawings.

the development of scenice spectacle


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